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Fly Strike Protector for small animals by Johnson's

  • For use on Pet Rabbits and Guinea Pigs over 4 weeks

  • Helps to protect against Fly Strike

  • Helps to keep pets free from flies

  • Also kills fles, lice, etc

  • 150ml spritz bottle


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Product Description


Rabbits and Guinea Pigs are often troubled by flies, especially in the summer months. Bluebottles are attracted to soiled moist areas, and lay their eggs on the fur near and under the tail. These develop into maggots, which burrow into the skin and flesh, causing very serious health problems. This can be fatal due to trauma and blood poisoning if not treated promptly by a Veterinary Surgeon. Johnson's Fly Strike Protector is developed for small animals such as Rabbits and Guinea Pigs to help protect them from Fly Strike and keep them free from flies. It also can kill fleas, lice etc.

To act quickly, always watch for signs of Fly Strike, such as biting at rear end, restlessness, listlessness, and unusual behaviour. Consult a Vet immediately if Fly Strike has become established or if signs of disease persist or appear. 

Check pets frequently -- daily during warmer weather -- for fly eggs and maggots, especially around hind quarters. Cleanliness and hygiene are vital to avoid Fly Strike. Therefore, ensure rear of pet is clean and the hutch or cage should be cleaned out regularly, replacing soiled bedding daily. Remove leftover food that will attract flies. 

Shake well before use. Remove food and water before spraying. Use spray every 7 days, particularly in warmer weather. Ruffle fur and apply spray against lie of coat, especially at rear end, under tail, and between back legs. Avoid genital organs, eyes, and other sensitive areas. If preferred, rather than spray animal directly, spray well onto brush or cloth and work well through the fur. May also be used lightly to spray hutch and cage. 

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